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24 March 2022
EU-Angola Business Forum

Renewable Energy

    Business opportunities in Renewable Energy

    Room Oslo/Copenhagen

    Moderated by the Delegation of German Industries and Commerce (AHK), and Afrika Verein

    Opportunities & challenges by Siemens Energy (Germany), Total Energies (France), Exergia (Portugal), TNO (Netherlands)
    Energy and Water Regulator Institute IRSEA (Angola)
    Roadmap by the Minister of Energy and Water (Angola)

    Background Documents

Agriculture & Agro-Processing



    Business opportunities in Manufacturing

    Room Oslo/Copenhagen

    Moderated by Business France and the Movement of the Enterprises of France

    Opportunities & challenges by ALPLA (Austria), AWDC (Belgium), Arslanian (Belgium), and Saint Gobain (France)

    Reforms in the sector by the Minister of Industry and Trade of Angola


    Background documents

    Panel Industry & Manufacturing Introduction

    Why invest in Angola by AIPEX


    Business opportunities in Logistics

    Room Brussels/Stockholm

    Moderated by the European Business Council for Africa (EBCAM)

    Opportunities & challenges by Flying Swans (Netherlands), Vecturis (Belgium), and Port of Antwerp (Belgium)

    Reforms in the sector by the Ministry of Transportation of Angola



     Background Documents

.    Panel Logistics Introduction

Water Infrastructure

    Business opportunities in Water Infrastructure

    Room Royal

    Moderated by the Austrian Trade Commission for Southern Africa, and the Council of French Enterprises in Africa (CIAN)

    Opportunities & challenges by John Cockerill Environment (Belgium), Mota-Engil (Portugal), and Suez (France)
    Reforms and PPPs by the Minister of Energy and Water of Angola

    Background Documents 

        Investment & Trade Agreements

          How to make the most of EU-Angola INVESTMENT & TRADE AGREEMENTS 

          Room Brussels/Stockholm

          Moderated by the Ministry of Economy & Planning of Angola

          EU economic diplomacy by the EU External Action Service
          EU-Angola Investment & Trade agreements: the Sustainable Investment Facilitation Agreement (SIFA), and the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) by the European Commission (DG TRADE)
          Investment policy review by UNCTAD
          Support on investment facilitation by the World Bank (WB)

          Background documents
             Panel Investment & Trade Introduction

          Finance for Investment

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